Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thole gaining cred with coaching staff

Back in May there was many fans that wanted the Mets to re up Rod Barajas to another year of catching with the Mets as he hit 11 home runs in 2 months . Mets were like yeah ok we will wait until after the season since he tails off in 2nd half. Well Barajas did not wait until the 2nd half since he his hitting below .200 since June 1st. Now it looks like Thole is the man. I think the Mets need to wait it out.

Pitchers around the league will get word of Thole and is ability to hit the inside fastball and will figure out away to get the kid out. The boys in the booth were saying last night during the Mets loss to the Giants that the coaching staff thinks Thole has grown as a receiver behind the plate in the last year. Well good he should . He is a kid and he should soak up things like a sponge.

If the Mets want to carry 3 catchers that is fine for the time being but everyone knows sooner or later the kid will not be hitting .500 and we will be wishing we had a catcher who could hit more then a single .

I like the kid but I don't think the Mets need to give up on Barajas just yet. If Bay and Davis were on a roll there be less of a spot light on Barajas. No time to throw in the towel on the guy who gave you more in 2 months then we had in all of 09 behind the plate.

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