Monday, July 5, 2010

Former Met Joel Youngblood Named D'Backs 3B Coach

Former Met RF Joel Youngblood was named Third base coach, under interim manager Kirk Gibson, for the Arizona Diamondbacks on Saturday.

Before his promotion, Youngblood had been a roving instructor for the Diamondbacks; he provided coaching on baserunning, bunting and outfielding.

Last June (2009) we scribed a post about
Youngblood, and how he cherished his days with the Mets. He also is the only player in MLB history to get a hit for two different teams, off two Hall Of Fame pitchers, in one day.

To quote our earlier post:

"Joel Youngblood is a part of baseball history. It was back on August 4, 1982 and the Mets were in Chicago to play the Cubs. Youngblood became the first player to get two hits; one for two different teams, on the same day, and against two Hall Of Fame pitchers. The Mets beat the Cubs during the afternoon with Youngblood delivering the game winning hit off Hall Of Famer Ferguson Jenkins. He was traded to Montreal later that day, and after the game, he flew to Philadelphia to to join his new team, the Expos. During the nightcap, Youngblood came off the bench in the seventh inning, and got a hit off another Hall Of Famer, Steve Carlton.
" _______________________________________________________________

Youngblood also held Major League coaching positions with Cincinnati and Milwaukee.
D'Backs leftfielder Cole Gillespie said:


"I think the first time I met him, he was already trying to correct my throwing technique. He's very hands-on and has a lot of ideas out there.

"He'll be there. If he sees something, he'll be there to correct it."


Best of luck to Joel Youngblood, one of my favorite Mets.

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