Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Reyes to play Tuesday: No Takahashi before break

Look for Jose Reyes to finally get some at bats when the Mets face the Reds tonight in game 2 of there 3 game series. The Mets were going to use Reyes against Rookie lefty Travis Wood who was suppose to start Tuesday night, but even if Harang gets the start look for Reyes to bat righty . His injury only allows him to feel comfortable to bat from the right side. This is how Pagan got back on track and within a 2 days or so was batting lefty and hitting the ball with authority. Mets should sit Tejada and let Cora continue raking the ball. Tejada is mired in a 0-16 slump.

Look for Mike Pelfrey and Santana to pitch Saturday and Sunday against the Bravos before the Mets enjoy there all star break. The Mets will skip Takahashi's start with the off day coming on Thursday before the Bravo series.

Pelfrey would have pitched Sunday instead of Saturday but has 1 less day now to think of last nights mess.

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