Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"I will finish" Johan Santana gets complete game win

I remember a day when it wouldn't take over 80 plus games in a season for the Mets to have 2 complete games. Days when the only drama would be that the Mets pitcher would suffer a complete game loss.

Well Johan did it all last night. He fouled off close to 10 pitches before hitting a home run that hit the right field foul pole to overcoming a little drama in the 9th to get his 1st complete game victory of the year 3-0 over the Reds. Santana is now 4-0 lifetime against them

He cruised all night only giving up a double to Phillips to lead off the game and then a single in the 6th until the 9th when Scott Rolen got a hit with 1 out. Then Bay somehow missed a fly ball that went right off his glove and all of a sudden there were 2 runners on. K Rod was probably foaming at the mouth at this point.

Manager Jerry proceded to walk out to the mound and you can see Johan saying I will finish it and Manager Jerry walked right back to his position on the dugout. Nice that the Manager didn't go to his drama filled closer at that point.

Santana then proceeded to get 2 outs on 2 pitches for his 6th victory of the year. A complete game victory. Drama adverted, K Rod adverted..Ahhh...Thank you Johan!

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