Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mets need to sit Tejada and Frenchy tonight not Jason Bay.

Yes I know he said he lost it in the bank of lights last night but watching that ball go past Bay like that was hard to take. So I am sure it was even harder when Bay thought that cost Santana a complete game. Well Santana still was able to overcome the gaffe by Bay and get a complete game.

Now the Mets play the Reds tonight for the rubber game and Manager Jerry has mentioned that either Bay or Frenchy will sit tonight. My vote is for Frenchy.

I think Bay has been given enough time off so far this year and he is starting to drive in runs almost on a daily basis. He had 2 rbi’s last night and that makes what 11 rbi’s in the last 9 games? Something like that. He was brought here to be a home run threat and a run producer. Well the homers are not in his bat right now but the rbi’s are. Now don’t get me wrong I like Frenchy. Offensively I just take Bay over Jeff and I think right now the Mets would be better off with Bay in the lineup. Yes maybe Feliciano won’t be able to play right as well as Frenchy but honestly just have Pagan play there tonight. He has to get used to it anyway with Beltran working to get back with the team after the All-Star Break.

Or here is an idea do not rest either of them. They have tomorrow off they don't need 2 days off in a row.

Look for Tejada to get a break tonight and have Cora starting at 2nd base. Cora has been raking with runners on so it should be nice to get a little offense out of there 8th hitter tonight.

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