Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mets need a kick in da pants

Since the Yankee series the Mets are playing less then .500 baseball . They have played 18 games since then and are 8-10 going into the Braves series Friday night.

They need to pick it up before they go into the break and head out west after the break. Ok so they have only 3 games but they need to win a series here. They are playing the first place Braves and are starting play 3 games out. They need a little jump in there step. They should be 2 games out at most by the break not 4 or 5.

Reyes if he is healthy enough needs to start stealing bases again. They had a stat last night that he has not been thrown out at Citi Field attempting to steal yet. Wright needs toget back on his Rbi horse and Davis needs to get some clutch hits as well as Bay who could have again added to the festivities last night in the 9th but fouled out.

Mets need a little life and either sweeping the Braves or winning 2 out of 3 is what the Mets need going into the Break.

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