Thursday, July 8, 2010

Do the Mets have what it takes to satisfy the Mariners for Cliff Lee?

Do the Mets really have a chance to obtain Cliff Lee in a trade. Yesterday there were rumors the Mets would have to unload Mejia,Thole and probably Wilmer Flores in a deal to get Lee from the Mariners. Now would the Mets give up a guy like Ike Davis to get Lee for 16, 17 starts? Lee would make the Mets of course instantly better but are they the team that lands him? Probably not.

The Mariners want either a power Major League bat or 2 or 3 blue chip prospects. Who can blame them. Lee has been lights out. He faces the Yankees at home this weekend and Lee see seems to just be thriving knowing he might be going to a pennant contender. With every start his value goes up. No reason for the Mariners to give him away since everyone knows he is the best out there at this point. Team will bid against each other as time gets closer to the trade deadline.

The Twins the Reds, maybe the Rangers and probably half the clubs are trying to land Lee. The Phillies are interested in trading Jason Werth. Will Lee want to go back to the Phillies? Probably not but if the Mets don’t land Lee lets just hope he going to an American League club. This way if we make the playoffs he could beat us in the World Series not in division playoffs.

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