Friday, July 9, 2010

Another good night for Carlos Beltran

The Mets had a day off yesterday so they can waste a hour of there life watching some guy name LeBron pick the Heat. Well Beltran didnt have off down in Florida where he went 1-for-4 with a single and a walk tonight for Class A St. Lucie and played all 9 innings in CF again.

This is after Wednesday nights 2-4 performance. Beltran has been playing consecutive games with no set backs but has not hit for much power yet.

The St Lucie schedule has them playing through Monday with a day off Tuesday and back to work on Wednesday. Will Beltran play through Monday and then take off Tuesday and Wednesday and come to NY and shut out West with the team? Will K Rod tell Manager Jerry that he needs to play CF too? Ok maybe not but I love that that Beltran coming back makes the Mets bench stronger since you know that Pagan will get a lot of reps and you will see Frenchy in late innings at times too.

**** Look for Beltran to be in the lineup thursday and batting 4th when they come off the All Star Break- *******

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