Friday, July 9, 2010

Ted Lilly or Javier Vazquez?

Now there is word that since the Yankees don’t think Javier is built to play for the Yankees that they are now in the thick of things to corner the Market and go after Cliff Lee. Wow.

If they do lbeat the Twins.Mets and everyone else and the Yankees land him look for Javier Vazquez to get jettisoned. He did well for the Braves pitching 15-10 last year and did beat the Nationals last year and the Phillies. Would he work for the Mets or is he just someone that cant pitch in NY. The soon to be 34 year old walks are up and strikeouts are way down. Would the mets take a flier or him or go after Ted Lilly if the Mets cant land Lee.

Lilly got blown out by the Reds on the 4th of July and is 3-7 this year for the Cubbies. His numbers against the NL East are not stellar..Since 2007 He is 1-4 against the Phillies and 1-3 against the Marlins. He does have 2 wins against the Braves. Who does he feast on in the last 3+ years? Of course the Mets where he is hasn’t lost a start to them in that time frame. He is owned a little over 6M. He can give you innings that is for sure but at what cost? I mean he will take Takahashi’s place but he isn’t someone that I would be worried facing as an opponent come down in September.

Neither player to me is a difference maker.

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