Friday, July 9, 2010

Cliff Lee coming to NY: Will not be Queens.

Well the Mets just lost out to that other NY team in the Cliff Lee sweepstakes. It is not official yet but as per Joel Sherman of the NY Post the Yankees took the 1 pitcher that everyone coveted and traded their best hitting/catching prospect in Jesus Montero and infield prospect David Adams to Seattle to obtain Cliff Lee . Look for the Yankees to attempt to dump Javier Vazquez now.

Mets did not have a thumper like Montero if they weren’t going to include Ike Davis in the deal to land Lee. Having Mejia go down probably killed any shot for the Mets to land Lee. Mets now will have to go elsewhere to upgrade their pitching and as previously mentioned Ted Lilly is not the answer.

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metsfan73 said...

Is David Adams an Adam Kennedy/David Eckstein hybrid? Montero isn't even hitting the long ball this season, so I have a feeling it's just the Yankee spin doctor's making lemonade out of lemons. Would be so nice to see another team swoop in and steal him from Cashman's plate. Gee, and I thought the Yankees weren't interested in him. Next best thing would be they acquire him and don't win.