Friday, July 23, 2010

Like watching a train wreck.

When things are bad everything gets magnified. If the Mets were winning people would not be on Beltran and Manager Jerry case about his Centerfield play. He just has played a week and people are all over him . Who is to blame at this point. Manager? Players ? GM? The manager usually takes the hit on behalf of his players. Well Omar dispelled that to the dismay of some fans who again have called for Manager Jerry’s head.

Omar was quoted as saying. “Jerry Manuel is our manager. Look, any time you’re going to have a couple of losing streaks, those things are going to pop up. But there’s no discussion at all. Jerry Manuel is our manager, will be our manager. I’m very happy with the job that he’s doing.”

I might be in the minority here but at this point the boys with the bats need to take some responsibility here. 4 Key players, Reyes,Beltran, Wright and Bay. These guys need to step up and realize that the other guys are the support and they are the ones that are leaned on.

I have had enough of Bay and his season long slump. If your lost call your previous batting coach Magadan and get back to hitting . I don’t care if Ho-Jo is hurt by doing that it or its frowned about. Your job is to produce Ho-JO isn’t helping and the Mets are not paying Bay 66M for 3 years its 4 and its about time that he makes something of this year.

Everyone seems to hate Beltran. Why? I can’t see him being a bad influence in the clubhouse. He should get a lot of credit for helping Pagan grow up. He just has to be honest with Manager Jerry that if he can play Center to step up. Offense will not be the issue with him.

Reyes and Wright. These 2 have to be counted on as leaders of this time offensively. Reyes annoyed me last night when he got thrown out by Russell Martin. His lead was short and he was just going on his speed. Not that the Mets would have hit him home but he cant be thrown out. Realize that hey this guy is gunning down guys and get a good lead or don’t go.

Wright has been hitting fine for the most part but he has starting fishing after balls out of the strike zone . Also he needs to lose it once in a while in the clubhouse. Grow a couple.

Every team goes through slumps but it’s about time the players be the ones that change the outcome.

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