Friday, July 23, 2010

Mets big move they Dump Fernando Nieve

Mets are ready to make changes to help them improve there pitching staff. No its not Dan Haren or Oswalt from Houston. Watch out world here comes Manny Acosta.

The Mets DFA homer happy Fernando Nieve and had Manny Acosta fly west and he will be with the team when the Mets lose I mean play the Dodgers Friday night. Too bad he he cant hit because right now that what they need.

Yes Nieve was giving up too many runs in his relief appearances but you would think they would do more then change a fringe pitcher in the bullpen. Of course Mex will be disappointed since he seem to have a man crush on Nieve.

Also can Frenchy just shut up and play. If this guy is so great in the clubhouse why cant he just take the Pagan route and be quiet and when asked to play show off with your offense. What kind of team guy feels the need to mouth he wants to be traded cause he isn't playing everyday.

From Adam Rubin Francoeur said if a move made sense for the Mets and “if there’s a chance to help me out,” he would welcome a relocation.

Hey Frenchy your not hitting. Get a grip. NO one is interested in your .240 offense

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