Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mets To Activate Perez Tomorrow; Send Thole Down

**** Update July 21, 2010 ****

The Mets sent utility infielder Justin Turner to the minors to make room for Oliver Perez

According to one Tweet, Adam Rubin says it is likely that Oliver Perez will be activated tomorrow, thus likely ending Josh Thole's most recent stint with the Mets. A short while afterward, Rubin reports that:


"Jerry says he'll advocate keeping Thole."

Once again indecision at a time when a decision is necessary.

Being that Barajas has been putrid offensively over the last month or two, maybe Thole should get some reps, and possibly send down someone like Valdes or Nieve. They haven't pitched well, granted, but Ollie hasn't pitched any better, and his velocity is down to about 88 or 89 MPH. When the Mets first got him back in 2006, he was throwing close to 96 MPH.

I honestly don't think Ollie is long for this team, and I believe he will either be traded for another bad contract or released flat out. I believe he will not be with the Mets after September 1, 2010...Just my gut feeling.

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