Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thank you Alex Cora

Nice to know someone besides the fans are P O'd with the Mets lack of offense. While there were reporters joking with Pelfrey after losing AGAIN to the lowly D-Backs last night, 3-2 Alex Cora was heard yelling in the clubhouse and directing it at the clan around Pelfrey to "show some respect please, they just stuck it up our Arses!" Good job since you know Manager Jerry is not going to lite a fire under them.

Mets now have lost 5 of 6 on this road trip as they fall 6.5 games out of 1st place. They also need to pay attention to their rivals the Phillies since they seem to making waves in the rumor well with Werth possibly getting dealt for a front line starter. What are the Mets doing? Watching 66M man Jason Bay leaving runners on and striking out. Good times!

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