Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mets fans are a bunch of chumps to the Wilpon’s.

Usually we lash out at Manager Jerry which my partner in crime has done earlier with the way he handles the Mets lineup. Or maybe we let Omar have it but this one is just for the owners of the Mets. This lashing is for the Wilpon’s

I really cant believe that I am waking up today and watching the Phillies, YES the PHILLIES get Roy Oswalt as the good ole Mets do there usual NOTHING! A week ago the Phillies were in the same boat as the Mets . Floudering as they had been losing with the loss of old as dirt Moyer and losing Utley and now they lost Victorino but do the Phillies pack it in ? Of course not they go for it. What do the Mets do? ZZZZZZZZ

From what I read the Mets felt the price of Oswalt was too high. Who decided this? Omar? Ricco ? The Wilpons? Give me a break will you. If too high means Jon Niese the Mets really are clueless. Is Niese any better then the Phillies J A Haap? Do you see the pitching staff of the Braves and Phillies? Do you think they we can get it done with Santana and Niese? Of course Pelfrey could be a #2 but he isn’t lately. Don’t the Mets realize they have to give up talent to get talent? Do they really think that Niese will be a pitcher like Oswalt? Wouldn’t you like teams coming into to NY facing Santana and Oswalt and maybe Pelfrey as a # 3?

How would you like to be Santana at this point? He watches the Phillies get another dominant starter while he has to deal with Pelf and rookie Niese following him. I am sure he has to think that he ruined his career by coming to the Mets at this point. This guy gives you all you got and what do the Mets do to support him? Big Mistake! Huge!

Why do the Wilpons run this team like a mid market club? Don’t the Mets want fans to come to the games besides when they celebrate the past in late Aug and September? Then put a team on the field that is deserving of fans that have stood by this team like we did in 2006 and 2008 and the first year of 2009 in the new park. If your so concerned about ticket sales for 2011 do something for the fans now in 2010 and show you actually care as teams around you make moves.

I’m not saying make a move for the sake of it but realize that we NY fans want more and deserve more and do not want to watch the Phillies or the Braves make killer moves while we just sit on hands wondering if the Mets will make a move. That to me is the same passion that should be part of the ownership. I realize your in it to make $$ and prestige etc but when a rival in your business makes a move to better themselves how can you sit on your duff? As owners if your players are not playing up to snuff will you take action! and DO SOMETHING ! Show us some sign of life in your owner’s box!

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Jobu said...

i heard a comment on the radio that summed it up. when doubleday left, he did it because JW wanted more control and the feeling was that JW is clueless. The evidence is on the filed and the lack of movement when it comes to trades speaks volumes...maybe we shouldn't be so hard on omar & jerry....maybe we should call out JW? just my 2 cents.