Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rubber Match: Mets V. Cardinals - July 29, 2010

Today's Mets matinee lineup:

1. Reyes SS
2. Pagan LF

3. Beltran CF
4. Davis 1B
5. Hessman 3B
6. Thole C
7. Francoeur RF
8. Cora 2B

9. Dickey RSP

Jerry's panic moves continue. Wright is getting a much needed day off, but Jerry still has to screw with the lineup daily. The last two games the Mets have put up 14 runs, but each day it seems he is messing with the batting order.

Pagan has done well in the three hole. LEAVE HIM THERE! Why not bat Cora 2 and Thole 8?

Manuel once again is proving on a daily basis that he has no clue what he is doing. Whether they win today or not. You can't keep micro managing; put the lineup together and let the players do their part. By constantly tinkering with things, there is no consistency...which is what this team has been lacking (except for consistently disappointing us).

Mookie Wilson was on WFAN this morning, and what he said was great: everyone had a role - Mookie was lead-off, Backman 2, Hernandez 3, Strawberry 4, Carter 5, etc. There was consistency, and everyone knew their role.

With this team, with the constant micro managing, people don't have roles other than they don't have roles.

Panic has set in...

Lineup Source: Adam Rubin

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