Monday, July 12, 2010

Our David Wright to bat 5th in the 81st All Star Contest.

Our 3rd baseman Nuke- ala David Wright will be the starting 3rd baseman & batting 5th for the National League All Stars who have not won since 1996. That was the summer we had some great special effects movies come out like Independence Day and Twister . The California governor was in a movie called Erasure that summer and Murphy starred in the first Nutty Professor. David Wright was a snot nose 13 year old in Va the last time the National League actually won this game. This will be his 5th All Star game and he has a hit in each of his previous 4 with 1 home run in his first in ‘06

The Line up for the NL and AL is below . Jimenez gets the start for the Rockies while Price of the Rays gets the nod for the American League.

Hanley SS, Prado 2B, Pujols 1B, Howard DH, Wright 3B, Braun LF, Ethier CF, Hart RF, Molina C, Jimenez P

Suzuki RF, Jeter SS, Cabrera 1B, Hamilton CG, Vlad DH, Longoria 3B, Mauer C, Cano 2B, Crawford LF with Price on the mound.

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