Friday, July 9, 2010

Reyes batting 2nd tonight Mets vs Braves July 9th

The Mets have Jose Reyes batting 2nd tonight in the first of 3 games against the First place Braves. Reyes did see the doctor today but no word on the results of visit and really no word on why he is batting 2nd. I would speculate it might have something to due with him not being able to steal due to his injury so they would rather have Pagan leading off. Nick Evans joins the club as a righty bat off the bench. Igarashi is being sent to St Lucie since the Bisons will be on there All Star Break.

Pagan CF
Reyes SS
Wright 3b
Davis 1b
Bay LF
Thole C
Francoeur RF
Tejada 2b
Dickey P

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