Saturday, July 17, 2010

Reyes watch - Sunday,Monday .....

Well the Mets have been shut out in the first 2 games back from the break and every day its a different story about there shortstop Jose Reyes

Reyes has been Mia due to his sore oblique. He spoke to David Ortiz during the time at the All Star game and Ortiz told him you have to wait it out because if you go back too early you will just aggravate it again.

So Manager Jerry had mentioned that it is possible that Reyes would bat Sunday since he could bat righty with the lefty Sanchez pitching. Now it is more then likely he will miss the entire Giant Series and not play until Monday against the D Backs.

Of course when monday comes around this saga will have another twist I am sure. What happened to placing the guy on the DL? Oh yeah Reyes said no to that since he has more say then the Trainers or Manager Jerry he just sits and waits as we sit and wait. Fun.

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