Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Surprises in the first half of 2010-

With the down time from games every day it gives you a chance to look back on what has happened in the half before the all Star break and what has stood out for the Mets.

The emergence of Angel Pagan- Little did we know that the absent minded outfielder would be the day in day out guy go to guy who would play a flawless centerfield, learn how to run the bases and get on base and hit for average. This guy has now taking Frenchy and put him on the bench for the time being depending on the play of Beltran.

Jason Bay and his power outage- Back in 2005 when the Mets signed Carlos Beltran he didn’t perform at expectations and it looks like Bay might be putting the same pressure on himself in the first year of his 4 year contract. He has played better in the outfield then most people expected him too but his power numbers are non existent. Will he rebound?

The fill in guys- Dickey and Takahashi- These guys made you forget about the drama of Maine and Ollie who were just dreadful to start the year. Manager Jerry loves the knuckleballer so much that he loves Dickey to start the opening games of series when possible. Takahashi seems to have trouble when facing guys the 2nd and 3rd time through the order but he has done better the anything Maine or Ollie gave us.

Manager Jerry- Look a lot fans wanted his head and there is no question I think he might have been a couple of games away from that happening but he needs to be given credit for never giving up on his team and making this team hustle no matter what the situation. Of course cant deal with his managing of the bullpen but no one is perfect.

Carter-Thole and Felicano- All I can say they were much better then the trio of the stiff Gary Matthews JR-Mike Jacobs and Catalono. Thole has had some clutch hits in limited at bats. Special mention goes out to Fernando Tatis for taking 1 for the team and giving up a roster spot for a phantom injury.

Also feel bad for Daniel Murphy who never made it out of spring training and then rehabbing being hobbled and lost for the year. He just wanted to find a way to help the team. He was not the most talented but he gave everything he had. Still had the best play in ‘09 with the backhand glove flip!!!

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