Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mets better watch out as NL East teams could be active before the deadline.

Now that baseball will be back to normal on Thursday, we can look at the calendar and make mention that there are is a little over 2 weeks before the trading deadline and the Mets might not be the only team looking to deal in the NL East. While the Mets might be looking for pitching the first place Braves might be looking at offense.

With the Braves in first place and after seeing first hand this past weekend what there pitching can do, look for the Braves to add some offense to there lineup. Chipper Jones, when playing, is just a shell of himself right now and has the lowest offensive numbers of his career at this point.

The Braves have been mentioned in trying to pick up a righty offensive bat. Some names include Cody Ross of the Marlins and Josh Willingham of the Nationals. Willingham has always given the Mets fits no matter what team he has played on. Corey Hart is also out there but the Brewers would want major league players in return something I am not sure the Braves want to give up since it might have to be one of there starters. Lowe has been someone the Braves have tried to unload in the past due to his salary but he has actually pitched pretty decent.

The Phillies might be looking to unload Jason Werth in the right deal but they want pitching in return. J A Hap is just starting a rehab assignment so there not too sure if he will be back in form and Joe Blanton has had a rough go of it.

Mets better not be caught flat footed the next 2 weeks and make sure they can compete the remaining 70+ games against the Braves and Phils.

****Braves strike first with trading Yunel Escobar to the Blue Jays and pitcher Jo-Jo Reyes for shortstop Alex Gonzalez and 2 prospects*** Gonzalez has 17 dingers so far this year.

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