Sunday, July 25, 2010

That's all I can stand, I can't stand NO MORE!!!

O.K. so it's been a long time since I last posted and I want to make it clear that this is only the opinion of 1 guy……and the name of this site is 24 hours from suicide…..well that's how I feel, suicidal…this team absolutely drives me insane, and there are days when I love them and days when I can't stand it. This road trip has me on the ledge and Mr. 73 needs to pull me in.

Let's start with the bad…Oliie is still here…he needs to go. When will management wake up? Go get another pitcher…please!!! We have been asking for another arm since last year. Castillo is still here….he needs to go. The bullpen is terrible…they need some life. The starters are good, but they need to give more than 5 innings. Pelfrey is doing the best jeckyl/hyde routine I have ever seen. I love Dickey…he is a gamer. You can't ask more from R.A. Taka needs to go back to the pen. The offense can't score for Johan or any else.

O.K., now the good. Maine just had an operation and is done for the season….maybe they will release him in the off season. Neise is doing great, lets hope he keeps up the good work. Johan is a MAN!!! he looks to be on track for a much better second half. Rueben Tejada is a serviceable 2nd baseman, but he can't hit….well if the rest of the line up would just hit, you could live with Rueben. I feel like the 7th inning stretch song should be "the streak by ray stevens", because this team is a bunch of streaky hitters that either all get hot at once of they all wilt at the same time.

It's interesting to see that this team went into full free fall after the return of Beltran & Castillo and the benching of Frenchy. Don't get me wrong, Frenchy is not a great hitter, but once again you can sacrifice that if everyone else is pulling their weight. Frenchy brings a cannon of an arm from RF and he is a gamer as well. I know you can't sit Beltran because he makes too much and he is Carlos Beltran, but Pagan has been our best hitter and to have him suffer just because a guy comes back from injury, well, where is the justice. I would play Pagan and make Beltran suffer for the betterment of the team. Besides Beltran isn't gonna sign here in another year anyway. Now to Wright & Reyes. Jose gets on, and scores, the team does well….Jose you need to get on and stay medically safe. David….for some one who has an average above 300, its a very deceptive one. Like one of my buds on Facebook stated "David Wright hasn't had a meaningful hit since little league." I tend to agree. Jason Bay over the last 2 games looks better, but the first half the season, he was pressing at the plate more than an old skool printer. Maybe putting the bat on his shoulder is better than waving it in the air. Let's hope he corrects whats ailing him.

I will not comment on the backstops, because they are 1000% better than the situation we had last year.

I LIKE IKE!!!!!!!!! He is the brightest young star of the year. Solid at first and he can hit, as long as he or the media don't put too much pressure on him.

I think this team is in dire need of some home cooking. However, if they start to look ugly, the boo birds will be out in force calling for the heads of Jerry & Omar. It could be a long summer and many dog days thru August……I just hope I am wrong.

LET'S GO METS!!!!!!!!!!


metsfan73 said...

The resurrection of Jobu! How cool. Love the small font used. I would like to Talk YOU In Off The Ledge, but I might be in front of you (LOL). Great to hear from you! Couldn't agree more.
I feel like I am a Francoeur one man fan club!

Metsrun said...

Man I feel your pain. I'm frustrated watching these guys play like crap. Why the heck is OHhlee still allowed to pitch?? WTF get rid of him already or at the least figure out some other reason to put him on DL! I don't ever wanna see him again!!!