Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wright Might Sit In Today's Finale Vs. Dodgers

Adam Rubin brings up a point I've been screaming from the mountain-tops over the last few weeks - that the Mets might sit David Wright in today's finale against the Dodgers in Los Angeles.

Wright has been abysmal in the last 14 games, being 10-53 (.189) with his strike-outs back oin the rise.

Wright has struck out an astronomical 111 times this year, and if he continues at this pace, might very well strike out over 180 times. Wright is fourth in the league in strikeouts, trailing only
Mark Reynolds (139), Adam Dunn (120), and Justin Upton (115).

The advantage of resting Wright today is that he will ultimately get three days off in a row: today, tomorrow's off day, and all day Tuesday until the night game against St. Louis.

One problem is that the Dodgers are sending lefty Clayton Kershaw to the hill, and with Tatis on the DL, Cora is most likely Wright's fill in, and he bats lefty. My opinion...who cares? Too much is made of this lefty-righty nonsense. I don't see Wright getting sat when a righty is on the mound. It's one game, and Wright has hurt the Mets since the All Star Break.

Simply said, give Nuke the day off. Both he and the Mets could use it.

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