Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What will the Mets do with Oliver Perez

Yes there is a player that is coming back to play for the Mets shortly after the All Star break and its not Carlos Beltran. It’s a lefty named Ollie Perez. We try to forget about this guy since he is just a mess and once he left the rotation we seem to do better with out him. He walked 5 in his last outing in Buffalo and hit 2 guys but they say either after his next start there or maybe 1 more that he will be ready to go. Oh joy!

Of course Manager Jerry will have to do something with him and sometimes those decisions are made easy due to other issues that arise. Maybe Takahashi goes back to the pen. What if the Mets trade for a pitcher what then ? I mean you can’t have 4 lefties in the rotation if its Lilly who they get. Have I mentioned that a trade for Lilly who stinks against the NL east is a waste?

It would be great if Ollie can find his command and stop walking batters and be able to learn to pitch like Mike Pelfrey has over the course of the last year. I mean Ollie can be dominating as a lefty . Maybe he will get 1 start and if he walks the ballpark again he will be banished to a spot in the bullpen. Or will Omar just dump the guy on some other team for some prospect. We gave up Brian Stokes for the stiff Matthews so why can’t Omar just do the reverse? Give someone Ollie, pay his contract and get a decent reliever to help out the over taxed Felicano ,Nieve and the rest of the pen.

Also don’t forget Sean Green will be facing batters soon so we might have him up here soon. There is no room for Ollie unless he can start and have control of his pitches. Manager Jerry and us fans don’t need the stress as we head into a really tough part of the Mets second half schedule.

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