Monday, August 2, 2010

At least the Ceremony was nice

Yeah ok what else can be said . Back in 2009 the Mets had a nice celebration for the 40 year anniversary for the 1969 Mets World Champions and then got beaten by the Phillies .

This game where the Mets were beaten 14-1 nothing was pretty . It was the most runs the Mets gave up at home. The Mets might want to skip giving a celebration honoring the 25 year anniversary to the 86 Mets World Champions next year since they seem to get beaten pretty easily on those days.

The Mets played there worst game against a team that has about 15 road wins . The Mets pitchers gave up 4 home runs in a park that is suppose to be pitcher friendly. Niese was suppose to have another good outing for a team that really needed a win. That was not the case so its now on to Atlanta where the Mets are more then likely playing for there season.

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