Monday, August 2, 2010

Mets HOF Does Ron Darling Belong?

Yesterday the Met added 4 to the Mets Hall of Fame. This was the first time the Mets added to there Hof since Tommie Agee was added earlier this decade. Now of course sooner or later the Mets will add Piazza and possibly John Franco but what about Mets broadcaster and former WC with the 86 Mets Ron Darling?

Looking over his numbers he doesn’t compare to what Seaver and Gooden and even what Koosman did for the team but he is just under them. Darling was a early part of Frank Cashen's building process of a winning team that he promised the owners when he was brought on board. He was traded to the Mets from the Rangers with Walt Terrel for the Mets Lee Mazzili back when the Mets were horrible in the early 80’s. Some of Darling numbers are pretty impressive for a team that was know for pitching.

He is 4 in wins with 99, 5th in Games started with 241 and amassed 1148 strikeouts which places him 6th on the Mets all time behind Seaver,Kooz,Gooden,El Sid and David Cone. He has the 4th best winning percentage among starters who had over 100 decisions with the Mets at .586 and did have 25 complete games as a NY Met.

He was a big part of the Mets teams in the mid to late 80’s and you can consider him the side kick to Gooden as Koosman was to Seaver. Should Darling be included in the Mets Hall of Fame. Check out our poll and lets us know your vote.


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metsfan73 said...

Darling was Koosman to Gooden's Seaver. Very good point. Always loved Ron - my favorite pitcher from those great teams, and was always under-rated and lacked run support. Was actually as good, if not better, than Gooden in the post season.
Phenomenal fielder with the best pick off move I've ever seen from a righty. Great post with some enlightening stats.