Friday, August 6, 2010

Beyond Must Win Games: Now It's Gut Check Time!

The Mets were embarrassed by the Braves earlier this week, and have been an embarrassment since the start of the second half after All Star Break.

They haven't been hitting well, although putting up some big numbers in the runs department in some games. They are constantly missing that BIG HIT in clutch situations.

David Wright has been awful, and as I have always said, he is a good ball player, but is the softest .300 hitter I've seen in years. He is not the captain, he is not the team leader, regardless of what the Wilpon's and Advertising Age want to believe. Wright is merely a good ball player, but does not possess the qualities of a LEADER. This isn't an indictment or a knock. It's just plain fact.

Luis Castillo, who hit better the last two games of the Braves series, is a shell of his former self. We know he has lost a lot of range, but he is fumbling the ball on the double play pivot. That is unlike Luis, who was always a solid DP man. Father time has caught up, and it is time for the Mets to look elsewhere for their 2B for the remainder of this year and in years to come.

A lot has been written about Beltran, and possibly trying to work out a trade during the off-season. Beltran, being a 10-5 player plus having a full 'No Trade' clause in his contract, would have to approve any trade. With his contract ($18.5M for 2011), the Mets would most likely have to pick up quite a bit of the contract. If the Mets look to trade Beltran, they would probably not get nearly as much as they would like in return. If they do look to trade Carlos, as a fan, they must go pedal-to-the-metal for Carl Crawford to replace the production and defense Beltran provided.

Francoeur, to my dismay, probably will be non-tendered at season's end, as well as John Maine.

Oliver Perez probably is worthless on the trade market, so the Mets must seriously consider waiving him.

Back to this season: winning meaningful games is a distant memory. Now it's about playing with guts. With pride. Time to show some onions, and play with integrity and reputation on the line.

For the past five years or so, this team doesn't understand the term 'URGENCY.' It's about time they purchased either a dictionary or a thesaurus to learn the term.

It is now time for each player: Davis, Castillo, Reyes, Wright, Pagan, Beltran, Francoeur, and Thole/Blanco - to man up. This does not discount the pitching staff, ,most notably Pelfrey.

It is beyond gut check time. It is now playing for pride and reputation. Playing where you leave everything out on the field. Play with passion. Play with desire. Play with pride. Play with urgency.

I am calling out everyone on this team. Do you have guts? Pride? A sense of urgency? Midnight struck a while ago. Now it is time to give every ounce of energy and passion into every game; every at bat; every batted ball hit to them.

The time is now for the 2010 NY Mets. How about showing us fans what you've got. Hopefully we haven't yet seen 'What you've got.'

Source: Cot's Baseball Contracts

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