Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Big Game for Mr. Pelfrey

It is only 1 game in the long 162 game schedule but as much as yesterday could be considered a must win for the Metsies so is tonight’s game for Mike Pelfrey who takes the mound.

He has riverted back to the pitcher he was in 2009 over the last 6 weeks and needs to give the Mets a shot in the arm with a good performance against the Braves tonight. His numbers against the Braves are not great with a ERA over 5 and he his 4-6 in his career against them.

Over his last 5 starts he has a ERA North of 10 and is lucky that he has only lost 3 of those starts . He has given up 42 hits in 20 and 2/3 innings which is insane. His 10+ERA is the 4th highest in a full month in the Mets 49year history. #1 on that list is Randy Jones back in ’82. Manager Jerry and pitching coach Dan Warthen have pleaded with the big man to use his fastball more and he did start to do that in his last start.

The Mets have not won back to back games since a series against the Tigers in June and it would be nice for the offense to waken up so Pelfrey can breath a little. big Pelf needs to realize that he needs to man up and perform just as much as the Mets offense needs to start rolling.

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metsfan73 said...

It's also up to the catchers to call the pitches, and make Pelf (or any pitcher) throw those pitches. Nowadays, the pitches are usually called from the bench, so I don't believe the lack of using the sinking fastball is all his fault.