Wednesday, August 4, 2010

R A Dickey is such a gamer.

This guy is awesome. In a year that the Mets need help with starting pitching this guy has been nothing short of spectacular. Even in games where he is up against the wall he finds away to compete. In watching the game last night I knew that Dickey would have issues with his knuckleball in the rain. It was evident in him asking for a dry ball after almost every pitch. Thanks to Adam Rubin at for this post game quote from Dickey regarding his battle last night against the Braves.

“Oh man, it was just straight guerrilla warfare tonight,” Dickey said. “I used every trick I knew out there. I was calling them out there to fix the mound, switching balls every other pitch. I did all I could do. I threw a lot of terrible knuckleballs tonight, but I threw enough good ones in the right situations to get it done. That was nice. I didn’t go away from it. In the inning where I walked a couple of guys, I wasn’t going to go away from it. I was going to live and die by it.”

I hope Pelfrey learns from this man . Pelfrey would pal around with Maine who is gone and eventhough they don’t pitch the same way he maybe can learn how to be a little bit more confident and become a smarter pitcher. More on him later.

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