Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Quotes From Rightfield

Jeff Francoeur, you know, the much hated (not by me), much maligned, often booed, and the one of constant in trade rumors - hit the game winning HR against the Braves off former Met Billy Wagner.

When asked, Francoeur said:

“I was floating on air running around those bases. More than just because it was against Atlanta; it’s just because it’s been a tough couple, three weeks for me. I’ve been working hard. A lot of time in the cage. Maybe that’s something that can get me going, and get this team going. We’ve lost a lot of those type of games.”

On his overall game tonight, Francoeur responded:

“The thing I was most excited about tonight is I had two 3-2 counts against D Lowe, I walked against Farnsworth, little stuff like that, being patient, trying to make it come to me. And with this team, more than anything, it’s always a damn guessing game with Brian [McCann] behind there. I feel like he’s reading my mind because he knows me so well. I hate it.”

“Derek threw me a lot of cutters outside, he never does that. He throws me a lot of sinkers. I had to make an adjustment to that. Once I did. I got patient.”


Francoeur finished the night going 1-3 with an RBI, a walk, and...the game winning RBI in the top of the 9th off former Met Billy Wagner. Maybe Francoeur will get a reprieve for the next 24 hours...

Sources: Atlanta Journal Constitution, CBS Sportsline, ESPN

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Long Island Met Fan said...

as well as the mets get a reprieve for 24 hours! good job by frenchy! Acosta with that double play ball as well! 2 former Bravos!