Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Q&A with a Mets beat writer- Ollie,Jerry & Omar the latest with the Mets.

David Lennon, the Mets beat writer for
Newsday , just did one of his Q&A with us fans. Here are some excerpts.

This has to be the end of the road for Omar and Jerry, right? They cant bring them both back next year. Or can they?

If Mets don't make the playoffs - and I think we can all make that assumption at this point -- then Jerry won't be back. It's also not looking good for Omar to return, either. Perhaps a reassignment is in his future.

Any Chance we see Oliver Perez dumped soon?

With Ollie, it's just not that simple. if he was making $6 million a year, he'd already be a goner. But the pro-rated portion of this season's $12 million, roughly 4-plus, as well as another $12 M next year, is a little tough to swallow, regardless of the situation. There are other high-priced pitchers around the league forced into garbage roles - Meche before he was hurt, Suppan in Milwaukee - so it does happen. I see Perez staying until the end of the season and then the Mets try to come up with a plan during this winter. I'm not sure what that plan is, however, other than to eventually jettison him.

What are the chances of Joe Torre coming back to New York and managing the Mets next year?

I don't see it. Torre would help the Mets in a number of ways - including a much-needed PR boost - but I don't see them paying the $4 M a year it will take to get him back to New York. I'm predicting Backman.

Any significance for Omar and Ricco being with the team in Atlanta? - Also is the clubhouse doom and gloom due to there play lately

Omar and Ricco are with the team in an effort to help figure things out - not to fire anyone yet. As for clubhouse doom and gloom, it's what you would expect for a team trying to fight its way out of a rough period. Ive seen it much worse. They haven't packed it in quite yet, but if the deficit gets to double digits this week -- which is possible -- the malaise will deepen significantly.

What is your take on Wally Backman managing ? Do you think he would mesh well with the veterans on the team?

With the veterans left on the roster, I think Backman would be fine, especially if Beltran is gone. It will be a younger team anyway, and that would suit him.

Does dealing Beltran make room for Carl Crawford?

No. OF would be Pagan in CF, Bay in LF and perhaps another younger, cheaper players in RF via trade, FA or in the system.

Do the Mets see Thole as a starter in 2011 or a backup?

I think they envision Thole as a potential starter, which is ahead of expectations. He's improved a great deal defensively, but on the flip side, has cooled off at the plate recently.

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metsfan73 said...

I like how he said if Ollie was only making $6M it would be easier to drop him...Castillo is making $6M and the Mets won't drop him!