Monday, August 16, 2010

K- Rod done for the year torn ligament in his thumb

Of course we need to add insult to injury. Driving home today I here Eddie Coleman talking to Francessa and reporting that surrprise surprise Francisco Rodriguez is not with the club in houston. Why you ask? Because the selfish pitcher while hitting his fiancee father tore a ligament in his pitching thumb and will need surgery and is done for the year.

No word on a replacement but it might open the door for Sean Green.

Nothing like a little dagger when the team is already just about done. The Wilpons better not pay K Rod and we will see going forward if he will be on the team in 2011.

There is about 3.5m left on K Rod's contract and I am sure the Mets will try to void the rest of the contract to save a little cash. Of course the players union might fight it.

Manager Jerry says it might be a tough battle to fight to void contract as per Steve Popper twitter feed  it but gives no details. Looking forward to pregame tonight.

update 720pm
From Adam Rubin- ESPN NY regarding voiding contract

"We will look into everything," the official told
Rodriguez is owed $11.5 million in 2011 and has a vesting option for 2012 at $17.5 million that will kick in if he finishes 55 games next season and is healthy as the guaranteed portion of the contract concludes.

Rodriguez's agent, Paul Kinzer, would not say whether he would dispute that Rodriguez was injured during the incident.

"Frankie is going to have surgery and we are focused on that right now," Kinzer told the Venezuelan sports publication Lider. "We will address the other issues later."

Manager Jerry's reaction according to Rubin.

Mets manager Jerry Manuel said he did not learn until Sunday, the day after Rodriguez returned to pitching, that the thumb was injured.
Manuel added that he was disappointed the Mets had lost their closer's services but added: "I'm not angry."

All I know that if this was the White Sox a certain manager would come out a little bit more then Manuel. I dont get how this guy can drink the Mets cool aid and not be pissed off.. Backman would be throwing stuff!!!

Mets lineup tonight has no Ike Davis again.  Reyes. Pagan. Wright. Beltran. Francoeur. Hessman. Blanco. Castillo. Niese

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Jobu said...

stick a fork in him......don't let the door hit you on the butt on the way out. You can't bring him back...he is done.