Monday, August 16, 2010

No excitement in Met land

Ok for once I agree with HOF 2nd baseman Joe Morgan. It doesn't happen much while listening to him and Jon Miller on the ESPN Sunday night broadcast as the Mets lose another game to the Philllies 3-1.

Morgan mentioned that the Mets are all pitching and no offense. Bingo!  couldn't say it better. Looking at the bench during the game there is no fire and there is no fire in those bats. I am sorry I am not into making a move for making a move but I think its about time that they give Hojo his walking papers. This team has no one now hitting. Of course maybe except Reyes who clocked a homer off the foul pole. No one can get a 1 out hit and of course the only players that can get 2 out hits are the Phillies. 

Now I am all for being aggressive at the plate but how many time do we need to see 1 or 2 pitch at bats from over 50% of the team. 

Can Ike Davis do more then strike out lately?  He struck out 9 times on this homestand.

The Mets now fly out to Houston to take on a team that is in worse shape then the Mets. Will the Mets capitalize. Manager Jerry thinks so as he bellow the team has to take advantage of the soft schedule. Yeah ok. Sorry I am not going on that bandwagon. At this point every pitcher the Mets face they make him look like an Ace.  Can they knock someone out of the box early . I am sick of hearing the Mets are averaging 2 .5 runs a game since the All Star break.  This is like watching a train wreck at this point of the season. Mets needs to do something but that only means they will do nothing.

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