Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mets cant get it done

Johan has a bad first inning and that was all that was needed since the Mets couldn't get that key hit against Hudson and the Mets lost 4-1. The Mets had chances to win this game but people like David Wright couldn't get a hit when it was needed so the Mets blew an opportunity to knock a game off in the standings.

Some might look at the fact that Castillo dropped a double play ball in the first that might have stopped the Braves from scoring more then 1 run in that inning. They went to score 3 since it seems Johan comes out slow and the opponents are keying in on his fastball early in the count.

The Mets had chances to score runs against Hudson who seem to allow the Mets to have 2 runners on almost every inning but the Mets as usual couldnt get the key hit. Santana came up twice with runners on and 2 out since Castillo failed to plate anybody out of the 8th hole. He even struck out looking.

Beltran knocked in the only run in the game but it didn't matter since no one else was able to get him home from 2nd.

For More details on last night’s loss check out the MLB summary here

Ricco and Omar are with the team in Atlanta. Not sure why. Maybe they will dump Manager Jerry if he loses all 3 games in Atlanta?

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