Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why do we even bother.

Back in the Mid 90’s I lived in South Florida. I watched the birth of the Marlins Franchise and even though I was a diehard Met fan I worked for the Marlins for 2 years just to be able to see the Mets for there visits to play the Marlins. The fans really never seem to take to there team except for when Blockbuster Boy ran the team and basically bought the World Series in ’97. Wayne Hyzengia had a passion for everything he did and of course he was in it for the profit. When they started losing $$ and he couldn’t make it work he jumped ship.

Well I kind of jumped shipped last night with I am sure many a Met fan. I really didn’t have much hope going into last night based on 1 win they had Tuesday I just wanted to see them fight it. I wanted Pelfrey to be the pitcher he was in the first half. I wanted to see his sinker sink!

It is tough to give your passion to this team when they seem to dash it almost immediately after giving you that 1 sliver of hope. If you have not had a chance Bill Price has many of the sediments today in his blog post which you can read here. The Mets committed 4 errors last night in there worst played game of the year. Pelfrey looks lost and I think at this point skip his start and give Pat Misch a chance. He deserves it with the year he is having up in Buffalo.

Couple of my favorite quotes from Bill Price's post are below.

“I can't watch Mike Pelfrey get shelled any more. I can't watch Jerry Manuel play for one run after his leadoff hitter doubles in the third inning anymore. I can't watch Jose Reyes throw balls away anymore, and I can't watch Jeff Francoeur swing at the first pitch and pop up anymore. As I said last night, his homer Tuesday was more indicative of what a choker Billy Wagner is once the calendar turns to August than what a clutch player Francoeur is.

It dawned on me tonight what the Mets' biggest problem is when it comes to the GM and ownership - they are delusional. When the team is going well (like it was in May and June), ownership thinks the team is fine as is and doesn't need any changes, and when the team is in the tank, as it is now, ownership thinks nothing is wrong and the team doesn't need any changes. It really is shocking.

Coming off one of their most emotional wins of the year, they commit four errors, the crusher coming from Capt. Unclutch, and fall further back in the standings. "

Yeah Wright really is just a streaky hitter at this point in his career and even thought he more then likely will finish the season with over 100 rib eye steaks I wouldn’t lose sleep if he got traded.

He goes on to say that at this point putting his family aside to watch a Met game for the sheer joy of being a fan is over. Of course I feel the same way but what will I be doing Friday Night? Watching the horror show at a local watering hole with my fellow blogger wondering why we love to torture ourselves.

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