Thursday, August 5, 2010

Omar Minaya will be the GM in 2011.

Yeah well not surprised. The team doesn’t want to dump Oliver Perez so why would we think that Omar would be placed in another position or canned when he has a contract. Now Omar has not been the worse GM and I am sure there are some moves he would have made if not for being wrangled in by Jeff Wilpon and his purse.

Speaking in Ct this afternoon Fred “Dodger” Wilpon was cornered into answering some Met questions.

Wilpon reluctantly listened to a few questions about the Mets, and was asked if Minaya would be the GM after this season. Wilpon replied, "Will the sun rise tomorrow?"

Yeah ok so things could change between now and the sunrise and between now and end of the season but don’t look for a new GM who might be able to speak without saying. “with that being said”
Sorry John Ricco. Maybe some openings for you somewhere else next year.

Check out the blurb regarding Wilpon’s comments here

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