Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The last days of the reign of Jeff Wilpon?

There has to be a light at the end of the never ending Met tunnel of despair After today’s second interview with Sandy Alderson the Mets brass can hunker in a corner somewhere and make a decision on who the next GM will be.  If you look at all the media’s comments it seems to be a slam dunk that Sandy Alderson just needs to kiss a little Saul Katz bootie and he is in.  Does that mean that Jeff needs to find other things to occupy his time soon?  Maybe he can run the LIRR which seems to have issues every other day.

If the Mets pick Sandy Alderson he will have to live in the Wilpon’s world  There are a lot of remarks out there that Jeff love to have his hands in the day to day running’s . He had no faith in Omar anymore so he did all the negotiating last year with bringing aboard Jason Bay.  That will not work with Alderson.  The last thing we as fans want to see is the GM and the Owners not getting along.  That is why there has to be some conversation internally on the changes they need to make with a guy like Alderson at the helm.  Here that Jeff?

I do question to a point the Mets choosing Alderson just for the fact that he has been out of this circle for some time now. Mr Alderson I am sure will surround himself with top men who will help carry out his philosophy. Delegating is something that I am sure he won’t have an issue with.  If you ask me he needs to delegate to Fred to have Jeff run another business for a while.  Fred himself is in his 70’s now and sooner or later he will need to take some steps back from running Sterling Industries. Sounds like a good time to pry Jeff’s grubby little hands away from the Mets and let Alderson or Byrnes run the show. 

If the Mets announce later this week a new GM there is 1 thing I hope Jeff stops.Is this useless tell us nothing emails we get about the GM process. Then maybe from then on we all can enjoy the upcoming holidays knowing that one reign will begin and  1 reign will end. That being the reign of terror Jeff has been dealing us

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Anonymous said...

I think you raise an interesting point about leaving baseball operations to the new GM, but don't you think referring to the Jeff Wilpon's "reign of terror" is a little over the top. While the Wilpons have appropriately accepted responsibility for the Mets decline this decade, I personally think Omar Minaya's poor leadership, managerial, and communication skills made it easy for Jeff Wilpon to lose faith in him...and get more involved than is desirable from an owner. I also can't help but recall that several times during the Mets history they have been far more disfunctional ownership than in recent years. I'm thinking about the days of M. Donald Grant and the struggle between Fred Wilpon and Nelson Doubleday. In the end, though, I think the Wilpon-Katz family would be wise to let Sandy run the team and stay out of the way--except to sign the checks.