Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sandy Alderson era to start later this week

Looks like the Mets didn't waste anytime after finishing there 2nd round of interviews with Alderson and Byrnes. According to multiple souces, Sandy Alderson will be the GM of the New York Mets. This announcement could be as early as this friday which is a travel day/off day for the World Series. Check out Rubin's blurb here 

Alderson, who is 62, seemed to be a shoe in once he came in to interview with the blessing of Bud Selig.  There is also  some word that Daniels of the Rangers was interested in interviewing for the position but was told no when he asked if the Mets could wait until after the World Series for his interview.  Of course that I am sure is a bunch of...

Now on to the next manager of the NY Mets. Everyone seems to have different opinions on who Alderson might bring aboard. Some think Melvin is his guy but he is up for the Brewers job.  The Wilpons might like to have a guy with Met ties. Clint Hurdle could be a name that is thrown out there. He is the hitting coach for the AL Champ Rangers but was the manager of the Rockies but was fired mid 2009 after a bad start. Most camps do not think Backman would be in the running but look for Alderson to make a decision before the end of November .

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