Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday: FMart Injured Again

Once again over-hyped prospect Fernando Martinez is injured. He has considerable pain in his knee.

Martinez told Enrique Rojas of ESPN:

"I feel a lot of pain in the knee, but I don't know if I'm done for winter ball."

Martinez claims he doesn't know if he is done for the season, but most likely the decision will be made by the Mets.

Martinez made his debut in the Dominican Republic on Wednesday for Escogido, where he went 1-3.

Martinez's career has been riddled with injury. Over the last five years he has only appeared in 385 games.

The question will be what will Commander Sandy do with this disappointment.

Happy Black Friday.

Adam Rubin

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Jobu said...

F = failure. This experiement is over. Let's move on and look for someone else to promote as an outfiielder. This kid is forever hurt.