Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mets pass on innings eater Garland.

Maybe its just timing or the fact that the Mets dont want to spend $$. Or maybe its the case of wanting to stay on the west coast. What ever is the reason the  Mets could have obtained a very servceable back of the rotation guy in Jon Garland who just landed with the Dodgers.

He signed a 1 year deal in ther neighborhood of 5M.  The Mets do need help since Johan will not be ready to start come April. Garland is a innings eater having pitched 196,204 and 200 innings the last 3 years. The 30 year old has been a decent player I always thought could be a asset to this team but the Mets might be looking at the junk heap at this point.  We might see a guy like former Met Brian Bannister instead of a steady like Garland.
Oh Joy!

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