Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mets To Possibly Deal Reyes: Post Turkey Coma Thoughts

In an abbreviation: WTF?

I know there are many Jose Reyes detractors out there, me not being one of them. I don't know if there is a trade out there that makes sense to rid the Mets of Reyes.

Riddle me this Batman, where are you going to get over 100 runs scored, around 75 RBI, a .285 batting average, 60+ stolen bases, solid SS, mid teens in HR's? All from the lead-off and SS position.

Those qualities might be attainable in three players, which for a team to acquire Reyes the Mets would certainly command, but the Mets do not have three open positions. Leftfield is covered by Bay who, from what
Kevin Burkhardt has told me, will be healthy for Spring Training.

Rightfield will be covered by either Carlos Beltran or Angel Pagan.

Firstbase is Fearless Ike's for the foreseeable future. Secondbase could be a platoon of Daniel Murphy and possibly Ruben Tejada.

What about SS?

You get my point. I understand many are concerned of Jose's health, but he should be healthy for 2011, and if Collins is the task master that has been reported, I can't see someone of Reyes work ethic coming into camp any less that in outstanding shape.

All this hype might be just that, but it is not all that unexpected of a report, especially with the Mets success for 2011 greatly in question.

So, this past weekend the metsfan73 family spent our Thanksgiving Holiday at my sisters in PA (where my brother-in-law is a Phillies Phan). I submersed myself into a self induced turkey coma. Now that I've regained consciousness, it was time to bring some sanity to this topic, when Mets reporters chose to report while obviously being still submerged in a catatonic state in over indulgence in great holiday food.

For those who think I'm the nutty one here, fine. Again, I ask one simple question: Where do you replace all that you will lose from sending Reyes packing, when you don't have that many POSITIONS to fill?

Think about it...I'm still waiting...

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