Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Slow and Steady : Mets target Chris Young.

For the Mets this year they are pretty fortunate. If it rings true that the team has a very limited budget to spend in 2011 then what better front office team to have then Alderson and crew. Alderson spent years working on a shoe string budget with the Padres. Here he comes to the North East and for his first year with the Mets he might have only 5-10M to spend tops.  No panic moves will be made knowing that in 2012 the Mets will have more $ to spend then Alderson had in a couple of years combined on the west coast.  Mets fans might have a tough time coping with the fact the Mets might just sign a couple of fringe players for this 2011 team.

The Mets need pitching. Santana will still be on the sidelines come April so there is some word the Mets might be targeting a player like former Padre pitcher Chris Young. The 31 year old hits free agency this year coming off a season he was saddled with a strained right shoulder and being in only 4 games and 20 innings for the Padres in 2010. He is a low risk high reward type of pitcher. Which is right up Alderson and crews alley. He is a lifetime 48-34 with ERA of 3.80. Before he was injured he was averaging 8 strikeouts per 9 innings but he also walked a ton . He averaged 4 walks per 9 innings.

I were hoping the Mets could go after innings eater jon Garland but he is signed with the Dodgers. Of course there are conflicting reports if the Mets really can sign Young. Chris is acting as his own agent and has said no deal is imminent.  If the Mets do sign Young will he be the only one they go after in the pitching dept? Alot depends I am sure on what Pedro Felicano does about accepting arbitration. If the Mets have to pay Pedro will they have anything to spend on another starter if needed? Alderson and his creative team will be busy that is for sure . Maybe they can find a deal at the winter meetings that are due to start next week.

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