Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Can The Mets Expect Any Fall Out From The Charlie Samuels Debacle?

This is a question I have raised since first reporting that long time Mets clubhouse manager, Charlie Samuels was suspended indefinitely for gambling. It was later discovered that he admitted to wagering on baseball games.

Betting on baseball breaks all the mores of a clean game of baseball. Most notable players to received life-time bans are sure-fire Hall Of Famers
Pete Rose and Joe Jackson.

How does Samuels fit in this equation since he doesn't play the game? Easy. He is around players daily. If he is addicted to gambling, to the point where he used Mets bank accounts to allegedly pay off gambling debts (which were later repaid), why wouldn't he look the entice ballplayers and their large salaries into his gambling ring?

Could any Mets players be involved? Logically thinking, I would say yes. I have my guesses as to who I believe could be or have been involved, but out of respect for the players and the Mets, I can't disclose. I have no inside information, just a gut feeling, and yes, I believe it is a star player.

We will all have to wait for this sordid affair to unfold, and I am hoping, maybe beyond hope, that no Mets player is involved, but that would be foolish.

Curtis Strong

It's amazing how non-athletes can corrupt, or at least help corrupt the game. The organized gamblers behind the whole Black Sox scandal and
Curtis Strong, a clubhouse caterer, and the drugs he dealt to baseball players in the early 1980's. There are more.

If this scandal comes down as I am anticipating, the Mets and Mr. Jay Horwitz are going to have a PR nightmare that will take the magic of Merlin to get out of.

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