Monday, November 8, 2010

Mets: Who Needs A Manager? We've Got A Very Expensive Front Office

Paul DePodesta has left the San Diego Padres for the "greener?" pastures of NY. As tweeted by Kevin Burkhardt and reported by Adam Rubin, DePodesta was hired by Commander Sandy as the new Vice President of Player Development and Amateur Scouting.

With the signing of DePodesta, the Mets now have three former GM's in their front office in JP Ricciardi, DePodesta, and Wayne Krvisky.

The recently hired Mets GM had this to say about DePodesta:

"Paul has one of the top analytical minds in the game and also has a strong background in the more traditional aspects of player development and amateur scouting. He will help establish direction, standards and continuity in all areas of our player development domestically and internationally. Paul -- working together with J.P. Ricciardi and [assistant GM] John Ricco -- also will advise me generally on other matters related to baseball operations."

DePodesta, 37, is excited being reunited with Alderson:

"I am thrilled to reunite with Sandy during this exciting time for the Mets. I know firsthand the type of vision and leadership he brings to a franchise. This is a tremendous opportunity to help develop a winning culture for the Mets and our fans."

I hope Commander Sandy and company don't cheap out on the field manager's position after spending some coin in bringing Ricciardi and DePodesta aboard. After all the fanfare of the recent hirings by the Mets and their new GM, it would be a real downer to find they hire Stump Merrill as manager.

I will withhold judgment on Alderson until I see where he is guiding the ship. Reports have him as thinking the managers position as being a low level position. I disagree, and will give him the benefit of the doubt until he hires a manager. If it is a fiery type like Wally Backman, then I won't believe the reports. If it's Bob Melvin or another Yes Man, then I will be greatly disappointed.

I do like how Alderson is developing a front office for the Mets, but the team needs a manager that does more than fill out the lineup card. We had that with the last three men who held this position. Just as a new type of GM was needed, a new type of manager is needed.

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