Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wally Backman & Alderson Chat For 3 Hours

If anyone thinks that Backman was just getting some perfunctory interview I think that can be put to rest. Alderson spoke to Backman Saturday, it is being reported, and talked for over 3 hours. Backman said the interview went great and that Alderson had an open mind. The question is does Alderson come out of the interview more impressed then when he went in?

Greetings by the way from Cool Florida. This is the first time I have posted from Starbucks. Love technology. Maybe one of these days I will get me one of those smart phones that everyone has now. I mean why do they even call it a phone ? Anyway I digress.

Backman has the fire that the Wilpons love. He is the only guy who had his team in the Mets minor league system in the playoffs with 51 wins. Of course to make it work Backman needs to show that he can work with the Veterans.

Mets still have some interviews next week with more than likely an interview with former Met player and Rockie manager Clint Hurdle. From what I have read, people love the guy and say his personality would be perfect for the craziness of NY media.

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