Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Can Terry Collins make a difference

Yesterday was Teryy Collins big day at Citi Field.  He had a chance to take a photo op with the owners who seemed real enthused with the Mets new manager. Sarcasm intended.  He had a chance to dispel the rumors that he won't lose the clubhouse after what alot of people have reported that there was a mutiny when he was with the Angels back in 1999.  He actually was given a an extension a couple of months before the player mutiny and he wound up resigning. 

Now that yesterday is over with the big question is , ok he is the Manager , will he make a difference with the Mets 25 man roster? Will he alienate players right off the get go. It is funny one of the little things I was wondering about was would he stop Reyes from his little dance he does when he hits a home run or does something good on the playing field. To me Reyes needs to do his thing and smile and play the game with the fun he has. Collins was asked that question and he said that he knows the game has changed since he has left and he doesn't want to change Reyes . He would only want to seem him stop it if the other team retailiated.

There is a big notion that Collins needs to change the culture of this team and that his style of being a disciplinarian will work effectively. That seem to be the buzz word of analyst Bobbie Ojeda. So I guess the first player that doesn't run out a pop up will be taken from the game?  Here that Beltran,Reyes?  

Collins has stated that he is old school but realizes the game has changed. He wants to make sure the team is fundamentally sound, takes the extra base , slides where needed ,throws to the right base etc.  All well and good but he cant hit for these guys so he can do all that and still this team can be a .500 team. Sometimes its not just the culture has to change its the players. 


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