Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mets Introduce Terry Collins As Manager

After a "very comprehensive search", Alderson said, "Terry really separated himself from all other candidates", and was named manager of the Mets.

Alderson cited Collins' Major League experience as well as his time in player development as vital for the job.

Duffy Dyer? Jeff Torborg? Hot Rod Kanehl? Endy Chavez? Rusty Staub? Rey Ordonez? Gary Sheffield? No, Terry Collins the new #10.

The new skipper was bubbling over. I've never seen a player nor manager so stoked at a press conference. Collins stated that this is "a very proud day", and that he is a person who is "full of energy and full of enthusiasm."

Collins on fundamental baseball:

"Love of the game leads me to want the game played correctly."

"Players have to realize my passion for the game and passion for excellence."

You have to be confident to play this game."

"Teaching can't stop. We have some veterans; guys who've played 2 or 3 years, but aren't crusty veterans."

Collins also had a good point when he said:

"When there is dual respect on both sides, the team takes on the personality of the manager."

Collins was incredibly pumped up, and is thrilled to be in this position. He is excited about the young talent on the horizon, and said:

"This is the finest group of young men I have ever met."

Welcome to NY Terry. I hope your energy and passion pays off on this season.

On a side note, Sandy Alderson said the Mets would offer Pedro Feliciano arbitration, so if they can't reach an agreement, the Mets would at least get a draft pick.

Howard Johnson and Razor Shines won't be back. As for Omar, Alderson said that he believes Omar is waiting to see what develops before accepting another position within the organization, and also has alleged opportunities with other organizations.

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