Friday, November 19, 2010

Quiet weekend then a new Manager:2nd base idea

With Alderson going to St Pete for his dad's funeral etc we wont know about the Mets manager until probably Monday with a presser on Tuesday. Ok honestly its time to move on since regardless of who is the Manager there has to be some reliever signings, deicision made about Castillo and Ollie Perez and maybe some bench help.

The Mets will not tender a trade for Beltran since whatever they get for him it will be a prospect or 2 since the team who gets would have to take on some of his contract and at this point why trade they guy now when his value will go up if he plays well and you might get a decent trade value at the trade deadline next year. 

Castillo is another situation all together if you ask me. We do not need to see him play another game with the Mets .I am so tired watching this guy trying to slap a single.  Now some fans are upset they didnt make a move for dan uggla. The Braves got him and will have him at 2nd base for 1 year before he will be sue a big deal. Dont think the Mets want to btring him in with him looking at more then 50M for his next contract. 

My option is Kelly Johnson of the D Backs.  He is arbitratration elgible this year and made 2.35M in 2010 where he hit  .284 and had 36 doubles an 26 homers. Alderson and crew would like him since he had a onbase percentage of .370.  Send them Murphy and a reliever (Sean Green? ) and at least we can have a guy with some punch playing 2nd base. Yes he strikes out and he seem to tire in the 2nd half but he still hit for average in the 2nd half. 

Look I love Murphy but he is at most a fringe major league player and he does play hard he just isnt that talented to play a position like 2B.  I really would rather see someone besides Murphy butchering double plays as the 2011 starts. 


metsfan73 said...

Marco Scutaro could be a nice option. He is 6+ years older, but he could possibly be a place holder for Havens or Tejada - until they're ready.
Plays a good 2B and his lifetime BA (.267) is similar to Johnson's (.269).

Long Island Met Fan said...

They are on the hook for 2011 for 5M and 1.5M buy out..might be too rich for the Mets brass . Plus like you said he is 35. Firgot he played with the Mets back in 02,03