Thursday, November 18, 2010

No noise for the Mets player wise

As Major league teams and fans seem to be salivating on the possibility of landing a young star like the D Backs Justin Upton, the Mets are just sitting on their hands as they go through the interview process of signing a manager. 
Of course there was chatter in years past that the Mets were never a team that could seem to multi task and it looks like on the surface nothing has changed. Of course it could be just that the Mets are really not going to be looking to spend some cash. Or will forgo any movement until a Manager is in place? Is this wise? 
Fine I understand that but does that mean they can’t maybe dip there toe in the trade Market espcially if spending cash is a problem.  If the Mets had any interest in Upton of course they would probably have to throw Ike Davis out there since  the D Back’s  do need a first baseman. Of course the Mets might not want to do that since Davis seems to part of the young Met culture the brass seems to like.
The Other issue that comes up is the fact the Mets have lost out on Takahashi who was a savior  for this team and now the Mets favorite rivals the Phillies are kicking the Tires on him.  Also can we at least lock up the rubber arm of Pedro Feliciano?  The Mets are desperate in need of locking him up or do they have some sort of sick twisted plan to put, dare I say it, Ollie Perez in the bullpen as a 12M left specialist?  If that’s the case please kill me now….

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