Friday, December 31, 2010

Being A Mets Fan: Put In Perspective my 8 year old, Metsfan04.

I was ranting (as usual) about my concerns for this team, especially with a much anticipated lack-lustre 2011 season quickly approaching, when my 8 year old daughter, metsfan04 summed it up perfectly:

No matter what this teams does, or doesn't do, we as Mets fans are just that - FANATICS. That's what makes us fans. Those of us old enough to remember the better days of '69, '73, '86, '00, as well as the hearbreaks of '73, '88, '00, '06, '07, '08...are fans.

Sometimes it's words out of the mouths of babes that brings us back when we are led astray.

The Alderson plan will take some time to come to fruition, if it ever does. But no matter if it does, or does not, the true answer is always the same. We are Mets fans, and truth be told, I love the Mets.

Thanks to the precocious words from my 8 year old to put it in perspective.

Happy New Year to all out there, and if you are on the road tonight, please be careful. It might not be you who shouldn't be driving, but others. Be careful, be safe, and LET'S GO METS!